Respecting people’s data

Fact: people want to micromanage their online identity and the part of that identity that is stored in business databases. They might throw the most intimate photoshopped images on social media, yet want companies to change and erase their personal data.

Leads to better business

When clients feel supported by you in their quest for controlling their online identity, they might keep on opening their wallets. When they feel out of control, that distrust will lead to loss of business and claims.

And a motivated staff

What works for clients, works for staff members. When collaborators feel supported in their quest for a perfect online identity, they might want to go the extra mile. And that again, leads to better business.

It can be easy if you want it to be easy

The goods news is, that treating people’s data with respect does not have to be complicated. It’s a good combination of intent, with the right staff attention, easy-to-use software, and a coach that helps you keep and increase your reputation.