New app to control your digital identity

Today we launch the new web app idmanager, the app that allows everyone to control their GDPR-rights from one single place. No more knocking on the doors of various organizations individually. You are in control via idmanager.

Friday 25 is GDPR-day

Thousands and thousands of companies and organizations have already prepared themselves to be GDPR compliant, and to protect the business against claims. As from next week, you and I can start contacting them to inspect our data, to change the data, or even be forgotten. However, this requires you to go see the privacy manager of all those organisations individually, and that still is quite a cumbersome task.

Control your GDPR-rights from one place

screenshot detailsIt is the intention of idmanager to allow you to control all your GDPR-rights from one central place. Today, we launch idmanager on One overview page shows all the organizations that store your personal data. Two clicks suffise to request the data. Or to request a data change or an account closure. In one blink of the eye, you will know the privacy-manager, and how to contact this person. Saves time. And allows you to delete all the recent e-mails.

Free for individuals

The app is free for individuals who want to control their rights. It’s the companies and organizations who pay the bill. They will want to interface idmanager with their IT systems and synchronize it with their CRM platform. Providing advisory services and CRM integration services, is exactly what idlegcy wants to offer these organizations.

You too? Feel free to get in touch.

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