Developers creating two great apps

IDlegcy is a Belgian-Estonian — hence European — project. We have a great development team in Tallinn, the capital of the country where Skype, Pipedrive, and parts of the Blockchain were invented. Mikk, Joonas, Kaspar, Arni, and Karel are working hard to get two apps out. app is I.CNTRL.ME. It’s a free web app that can be used by every individual to control all their GDPR rights from one place. I.CNTRL.ME is ready to launch by the end of Q1 in 2019.

The other app is I.CNTRL.IT, which is going to be thé web application for GDPR teams to manage the flow of correspondence that goes along with the respectful treatment of the personal data of their stakeholders. I.CNTRL.IT will also be released in its MVP version by the end of Q1 in 2019.

Read more info about these products here.

The Journey Begins

Today we (fltr Patrick Bergmans, Ivan Trangez, Jan lagast) are at notaris Kristof Berlengé for the creation of two companies, IDlegcy NV, who is going to advice and help companies and governments on how to treat the individual’s digital identity with respect, and DIA Technologies NV, which holds and develops the web technology that enables a fully automated, 100% correct, highly secure, and affordable creation and treatment of digital wills.

Patrick, thank you for allowing us to create a great business based on your technology.