IDlegcy in a nutshell

IDlegcy is a software and services company that wants to increase the level of respect in H2H transactions by increasing the respect for individual’s data – as well on the side of the clients of our clients, as on the side of the collaborators of our clients.

What’s in a name

IDlegcy has many meanings. ‘ID’ refers to ‘identity’ as well as to ‘Individual’s Data’. ‘Legcy’ is short for ‘legacy’. It refers to the impact of the GDPR processes on the data, as well as to the legacy that a respectful GDPR process has on client and collaborator experience.

A Quarturn initiative

IDlegcy is an initiative of Quarturn (see Quarturn has invested in a variety of software and services companies that help established mid-size B2B companies transform into successful 4.0 businesses.

Board of Directors

Fltr – Jan Lagast (Quarturn), Patrick Bergmans (Technology Lead), Paul Indekeu (Quarturn), and Ivan Trangez (former investment fund manager).

The board is represented by two Quarturn board members (Jan Lagast, Paul Indekeu), and two external directors (Patrick Bergmans, Ivan Trangez).

We are now looking for additional capital and board members who could help IDlegcy grow its business and scale-up to becoming an international leader in software and services to increase the business respect for personal data.

Feel free to get in touch for more info.