Use idmanager to control your GDPR rights from one place
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idmanager account details view
user-shieldInspect your data: via idmanager you send a quick request to the privacy manager or DPO, in order to receive your personal data, and inspect what that organization is storing about you.
user-editAsk for changes: upon inspection, asking for changes, or disputing the relevance of certain data is a matter of clicks. The conversation window will trace and show the history of those communications.
user-timesRequest to be forgotten: eventually, you can click to be forgotten. Be aware, this is not an automatic process, and in some cases the right to be forgotten is outweighed by other laws.


idmanagerinuseIf you believe your e-mail address was in the database of one of our first-time business clients, then you can check idmanager from its main url

Our business clients are Commanity, DIA Technologies, Forte, FunkyTime, idlegcy, Institute 4.0, the ISM4.0 Summit, People 4.0, and Participium.

Security remark: you will be asked to fill the e-mail address that is already in the database, wait for a mail with a one-time temporary access link, click and go. We do not use passwords, but prefer dual sign-in for security reasons.