Software to ease the job of the data protection team

I.CNTRL.IT helps the DPO and the entire GDPR team to work faster, be sure the have a perfect follow-up, and even be able to pass a case to a pragmatic stakeholder-oriented lawyer from our expanding community of solicitors.

  • More easy work
  • Perfect tracing
  • Respectful defense


Free app for all the individual stakeholders is the free app for all the individuals who want to micro-manage their online identity — including their GDPR rights — from one device. The app is integrated with the I.CNTRL.WORK environment, allowing a traceable and direct interaction with your stakeholder community.

You win from this app too …

  • Clients and staff feel respected
  • Traceable GDPR-related communications
  • Less admin and paper work for you

Note: you get the I.CNTRL.ME app automatically when subsribing to I.CNTRL.IT (or when someone else puts you in their database and invites you to use I.CNTRL.ME).

Try the app for free …