Client ID Respect Track

Four steps get you to the point that your organization is ready to treat your client’s data with respect.

  1. Client ID Respect Scan -> find the gaps
  2. Client ID Respect Awareness -> involve the customer-facing teams
  3. Client ID Respect Set-up -> make people and systems ready
  4. Client ID Respect Certificate -> build a positive reputation

And when that’s done, we help you maintain that respect over the years to come.

  1. Client ID Respect Coach -> keep that reputation going
  2. Client ID Respect Desk -> whenever you have questions

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Compliance Track

We also have a basic compliance track that helps you treat the data of people and clients with respect, and be able to proof GDPR compliant on a very short term. Later you can add one of the success tracks to increase the business impact of today’s efforts.

  • GDPR Compliance Track: easy-to-go planned approach to quickly ensure legal compliance, support the work with IT-tools, and build a case to keep your reputation.
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