People ID Respect Track

People ID Respect Track

Four steps get you to the point that your organization is ready to treat your client’s data with respect.

  1. People ID Respect Scan -> find the gaps
  2. People ID Respect Awareness -> involve the team-coaches and managers
  3. People ID Respect Set-up -> make people and systems ready
  4. People ID Respect Certificate -> build a positive reputation

And when that’s done, we help you maintain that respect over the years to come.

  1. People ID Respect Coach -> keep that reputation going
  2. People ID Respect Desk -> whenever you have questions

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Compliance Track

We also have a basic compliance track that helps you treat the data of people and clients with respect, and be able to proof GDPR compliant on a very short term. Later you can add one of the success tracks to increase the business impact of today’s efforts.

  • GDPR Compliance Track: easy-to-go planned approach to quickly ensure legal compliance, support the work with IT-tools, and build a case to keep your reputation.
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